Q: Is this real? Are you truly trying to revive Mithraism?

A. Yes, this is real. Over the past few years we've found many people with a sincere spiritual interest in Mithras. We've founded Mithraeum as a worldwide resource for rebuilding Mithraism in both ancient and modern form.

Q. Okay then, why are you trying to revive Mithraism?

A. Because even though his worship has been mostly dormant for centuries, the god Mithras still exists and offers beneficial spirituality for the world. Mithraism was an ancient paragon of honorable, positive, and structured religion. As a system it enhanced the lives of individuals and increased positive community in the world. Mithraism has many similarities to Christianity - except that it promotes personal responsibility and power rather than surrender, and in that it welcomes rather than condemns other religions and deities. Mithraism deserves to exist as a living modern religion. Helping to make that possible is our goal.

Q. Is "Mithraeum" a Church?

A: No, we are a religious "service" organization working to build the foundations of a modern Mithraic spiritual community. We encourage those interested in Mithras to join us, and/or form groups of their own. Eventually one or several "legal churches" may grow from this. However our primary work will be to continue the task of facilitating Mithraism worldwide and in as many organizations as possible.

Q. Are women allowed in Mithraism today?

A. Yes, with certain possible exceptions. Most scholars agree that women did not participate in the Mithraic Mysteries of the ancient world. (There are a few hints to a "lioness" grade within the Mysteries, yet this is still unproven.) However, it is certain that women did practice comparable and even connected Mysteries, such as those of the Magna Mater and the Egyptian Goddess Isis. More importantly, it is certain that women did participate in public worship of solar deities, (particularly that of Sol Invictus), to which Mithras was connected.

We have met many modern women with a spiritual interest in Mithras. In a world where women have been worshipping a male solar deity (Jesus) for centuries, we feel this is a valid alternative. Through Mithras women can keep a connection to a moral Savior Deity of Light, and also connect with feminine Goddesses as well. This is a choice that Christianity denies. Therefore, we enthusiastically welcome women into the community of Mithraic Religion, as separate from the Mysteries. (See our section on non-historical Mithraism.)

The participation of women in initiatory historic Mithraic Mysteries is something that must be decided by individual local temples. Some temples may wish to be strictly historical about gender, and this is a valid alternative as well. It is our hope that a public Mithraic Religion, available to all, will be enough to encourage a mixed community overall, open to many forms of Mystery Religion.

Q. Can you initiate me into the Mithraic Mysteries?

A: At present we cannot, although we are working on making this available through other sources. We currently offer a more open religious worship of Mithras as a personal alternative while the Mysteries continue to be researched.

Q. Can you help me become a legal priest/priestess of Mithras?

A. At present we cannot, although this is something we are working on as well. We can provide you with helpful advice for pursuing this right now on your own, however. Feel free to email us!

Q: Can I worship other Gods/Goddesses alongside Mithras?

A. Absolutely! Ancient Mithraeums (temples of Mithras) have iconography for many different ancient gods and goddesses from different pantheons. Mithras is not a jealous God, so Mithraists are free to worship other Pagan deities today, just as it happened in the past.

Q. Can I be involved with non-Classical deities/religions, and still worship Mithras?

A. Again, absolutely. In the ancient world the worship of Mithras was mingled with many different pantheons. As long as your spirit yearns to ascend the path of spiritual salvation that Mithras presides over, you are welcome to combine his worship with other faiths.

Q. What about Christianity? Is it compatible with Mithraism? Can one be both Christian and Mithraist?

A. A difficult question! Christianity and Mithraism were rival religions in the ancient world. Mithraists believed that one must be responsible for one's actions, and undergo study and effort to achieve spiritual progress and the Salvation that goes with it. Christianity, in addition to declaring all other religions to be false, offers instant salvation through belief and the giving up of personal responsibility. It is possible to hold reverence for aspects of both systems, but it would be difficult to practice both at once. This is something that must be decided by the individual, we think.

Q. How do I join Mithraeum?

A. Send us an email! If you are sincere about helping to rebuild the worship of Mithras, we'd be honored to work with you.

Q. I have more questions!

A. Ask them! Contact us at: