In the ancient Mithraic Mysteries the seven initiatory Grades (Corax, Nymphus, Miles, Jupiter, Persian, Heliodromus, Pater) were associated with the seven known planets. It is not possible to say for certain if the planets and their associations were a key part of the meaning of each Grade. However it seems clear the energies were compatible on some level, or the association could not have been made.

Interestingly, there is a Neo-Platonic theory concerning the Seven Planets and spiritual progression. It is the belief that when a soul is born into the Physical World, it must pass through seven spheres which are expressed by the Planets. At each sphere the soul takes on a "material" passion - the desire for control at the Sun, emotions at the Moon, the capacity for war at Mars, the desire for communication at Mercury, the desire for abundance at Jupiter, the desire for beauty and love at Venus, and the desire for material stability in Saturn. These Seven Powers have both their higher and lower aspects, but all work to bind the soul to the material realm until they can be mastered.

There is no hard evidence that the Mithraic Mysteries subscribed to this theory, or even a related one. Yet the fact that there were seven Planets, seven Grades, and seven levels to be passed through in the Mithraic Mysteries can be viewed as a path of learning and progression.

In the ancient world the seven Planets were associated with the seven days of the week. The following is a simple program for connecting with the powers of each of the planets on the appropriate day. This can allow the solitary Mithraist a means of experiencing and learning at least some of the powers associated with the Grades.

Below are some basic correspondences for the seven Planets and the days they are associated with. A brief description of the energies and how they might be expressed in daily life is also given.

Some ways to work with and focus on planetary energies:

  • Meditate on the planet and/or the presiding deity on the appropriate day.

  • Focus on activities and tasks on the days that manifest appropriate energy.

  • Work to manifest the Higher Aspect energies and overcome the Base Aspects of each planet in your life.

  • Do a short rite each day to connect with the powers of the appropriate Planet.

  • Use physical reminders to help you focus on the energy of each Planet, such as carrying a
    talisman of the deity or planet, wearing appropriate planetary colors, jewelry of the appropriate metal/stone, etc.

No matter how you choose to focus on the powers of each Planet, the goal should be to learn about the energies involved, and become familiar with manifesting their Higher Aspects in your life and consciousness.

(Note: While this method of focusing on planetary energies is intended to be a solitary preparation for group Mithraic grade work, it is merely one way of approaching the energies of the Grades, not necessarily the way. It should be approached as an exercise in personal learning rather than a completely accurate introduction to the Mysteries.)

SUNDAY - Day of the Sun

Associated Mithraic Grade: Heliodromus
Astrological Sign: Leo
Color: Gold, Yellow
Metal: Gold
Gem: Amber, Citrine
Deity: Sol Invictus, Mithras

Higher Aspects: Health, Vitality, Power, Success, Advancement, Leadership, Friendship, Growth, Light

Base Aspects: Pride, Arrogance, Bigotry

Sunday is a day to focus on the worship of Mithras, and to work on any leadership positions you might occupy. It is a day to experience the Light and the spiritual powers associated with it, also a time to remove negative influences from your life. Sunday can also be a day to focus on your personal health and working to improve your vitality. Connection with the energies of the Sun bring forth positive power and energy which can be used to illuminate and simplify all areas of life.

MONDAY - Day of the Moon

Associated Mithraic Grade: Persian
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Color: Silver, White
Metal: Silver
Gem: Moonstone
Deity: Luna, Selene

Higher Aspects: Clairvoyance, Sleep, Psychic dreams, Reveals Secrets, emotions, Influence over general public, Astral travel, Imagination, Birth, Fertility, Reincarnation

Base Aspects: Delusion, Loss of connection with and control over the material world, Inability to control emotions

Monday is a good day to focus on the magical, ritual or psychic workings, and also to reflect on one's emotions. It is a day for involvement in the Mysteries and working with spiritual energy. Focus on the energies expressed by the Moon can bring forth understanding of yourself and others. Lunar influence can sometimes seem a bit 'otherworldly' and disconnected from everyday world events, but in fact they can show great insight into the meanings behind aspects of daily life when sensibly pursued.

TUESDAY - Day of Mars

Associated Mithraic Grade: Miles (Soldier)
Astrological Sign: Aries, Scorpio
Color: Red
Metal: Iron, Steel
Gem: Ruby, Garnet, Bloodstone
Deity: Mars, Aries

Higher Aspects: Health, Vitality, Power, Success, Advancement, Leadership, Friendship, Growth, Light

Base Aspects: Anger, hatred, violence, arrogance.

Tuesday is a day well suited to getting difficult projects done. Proper work with the energies of Mars can allow one to really forge ahead in areas where there has been hesitation or inaction. The day of Mars is a good time to take charge and express your personal power. It is also a time when focus on health and vitality can be the most productive. If you have difficulties with anger or stress, this is an excellent time to focus on the higher aspects of Mars and turn those basic energies into positive drive for self improvement and success.

WEDNESDAY - Day of Mercury

Associated Mithraic Grade: Corax (Raven)

Astrological Sign: Virgo, Gemini
Color: Orange
Metal: Mercury
Gem: Opal
Deity: Mercury

Higher Aspects: Communication, Intellect, Business, Writing, Contracts, Buying and selling, Information of all kinds, Wisdom, Cleverness, Creativity, Science, Memory

Base Aspects: Dishonesty, Deception, Lack of communication, Willful ignorance or avoidance of facts

The day of Mercury is a day to focus on communication, sales and self promotion, and mental creativity. This is a time to work out problems, do any kind of writing, study or teaching. This is a time when focus on business and associations with others can be very productive. It is also a time to focus mental energies toward clear thinking and seeing situations from all sides.

THURSDAY - Day of Jupiter

Associated Mithraic Grade: Leo (Lion)
Fire, Water
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Color: Blue, Purple
Metal: Tin
Gem: Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst
Deity: Jupiter

Higher Aspects: Success, Abundance, Money, Growth, Justice

Base Aspects: Greed, Dishonesty, Wastefulness

The energies of Jupiter make Thursday a time for gain, material success, and just rulership over one's life and environment. Focus on the energies of this planet can help to bring perspective beyond the everyday world and to manifest new opportunity and possibility.

FRIDAY - Day of Venus

Associated Mithraic Grade: Nymphus (Bridegroom)
Earth, Water
Astrological Sign: Taurus, Libra
Color: Green, Rose
Metal: Copper
Gem: Emerald
Deity: Venus, Aphrodite

Higher Aspects: Love, Pleasure, The Arts, Music, Beauty, Luxury, Social Affairs

Base Aspects: Lechery, Coldness, Isolation, Crudeness, Uncleanliness, Squalor

Venus is the goddess of love and the appreciation for beauty, and her powers are reflected in this sphere. Friday is a day for taking joy in the arts, love, good company, entertainment and beautiful surroundings. This is more than a time for fun and enjoyment - it can be a time to nurture your soul with positive, uplifting experience. Balancing the things over which Venus presides can be a challenge. It can be easy to indulge so much in sensual pleasure that the spiritual importance of Beauty can be lost. Finding a median point for controlling yet enjoying these energies can be very helpful to personal growth, and balancing this day with the energies of the other planets can help.

SATURDAY - Day of Saturn

Associated Mithraic Grade: Pater (Father)
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Color: Black
Metal: Lead
Gem: Onyx
Deity: Saturnus

Higher Aspects: Gaining the Astral Plane, Real Estate, Banks, Debts, Institutions, Obstacles, Limitations, Binding, Knowledge, Death, Buildings, Time, Structures, Discipline

Base Aspects: Oppression, Disorganization, Waste of resources

Saturday is a day for personal focus and discipline. It is a good day to work on projects and practical tasks. Not that it is a day of labor only - this can be a time where fun is had and things can be accomplished as well. A good connection with Saturn energies can make focusing on getting things done much easier, and then 'free' time will seem all the more enjoyable. Work to get one's life in order goes all the more smoothly on this day and results will seem all the more obvious.